All Facials Include:

* Dermal Analysis to ensure the best treatment is selected
* Cleansing to remove impurities from makeup and the environment
* Toner to remove any left over impurities and reduces the PH level of the skin to prepare for exfoliation
* Exfoliation to remove dead surface layers and unblock follicles (removed with hot towel)
* A gentle steaming to hydrate and open pores
* Extractions (if needed)
* Massage of face, neck, upper chest and shoulders with a comedogenice mineral oil (removed with hot towel)
* Corrective Masque Therapy (removed with hot towel)
* Application of skin nourishment and sun protection

Anti-Aging Facial– $69

– A Specialty facial designed to combat the signs of aging with the use of Biogenic Peptides to relax wrinkle formation and help smooth and tighten fine lines.

Acne Facial $69

– A treatment for the troubled acneic skin. Cleansing, toning and deep poor exfoliation assist in bringing out the impurities and promoting new cell turnover. High Frequency is used to kill bacteria that cause acne and breakouts.

– Designed for the sun damaged or hyper pigmented skin type. Reduces the visible effects of sun damage by improving skin texture and reducing uneven color. A luminous completion will be the end result.

Sensitive Skin Facial- $69

– Sensitive skin requires a delicate and specialized treatment. This treatment will leave your skin balanced, restored, calm and hydrated.

Gentleman”s RRR Facial- $69

– Revive, Renew and Restore. This stress reducing one-hour session diminishes the appearance of surface lines and enlarged pores. This Gentleman”s therapy improves circulation, hydration and soothes razor burn. Your skin will look and feel fantastic.

Teen Facial-$69

– In addition to the full facial treatment, teens will receive an education which explains and demonstrates how to clean and treat specific skin care needs. This information covers a wide range of skin conditions…from breakouts – to aging – to even sun protection.


-This streamlined half-session facial utilizes just the therapeutic necessities your skin needs most. No massage or extractions included.

Non-Surgical Firming & Lifting- $70

-Custom facial to tone, tighten and lift the skin. Improves muscle tone, reduces bags around the eyes, firms loose sagging skin, increases collagen production and improves metabolism.

Colorado Basalt Volcanic Hot Stone-$90

-Customized facial ingredients are used for your specific skins needs along with the warmth of volcanic stones for a relaxing experience. The stones enhance circulation and soothe away stress and muscle aches.

The Fully Customized Signature Facial/skin care treatment – $180

-If you want the best look no further. Our Estheticians and Professional skin careteam will select the BEST treatment for your skin type in this one of a kind exclusive service.

-The treatment involves an ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATION MASK, CHEMICAL PEEL, OR DIAMONDTONE MICRODERMABRASION. After a comprehensive skin analysis is performed, our Esthetician will determine which type of custom treatment willprovide the very bestresults.
-Each treatment includes:

Cleanse, tone, the appropriate Exfoliation, extractions if needed, an AROMATHERAPY facial massage also including neck, décolleté, shoulders, hands and arms. In addition, a Customized treatment mask for your skin type, moisturizer and solar block is included.

-You will also receive a free gift sample of ourprofessional skin care line, and a $20 gift card to be used next time you visit our Wellness Center for your next customized signature treatment.


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