Wings Heart Drops (2oz)

WINGS WORKS! Wings Heartdrops can help with a wide range of cardiovascular disease. We can’t ‘officially’ make that claim because of the power the giant pharmaceutical companies have over medical legislation – and we can’t unconditionally guarantee it will work with everybody in every circumstance – but there’s no doubt that Wings has the ability to normalize high blood pressure, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, unclog arteries, reduce the risk of blood clotting and strokes and relieve angina. (Also available in a 4 oz bottle).

WINGS IS THE ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC HEARTDROP – Wings Heartdrops contain no fungicides, herbicides or insecticides. Our certification is not self-proclaimed, Wings is third-party certified by recognized agencies that employ stringent criteria.

WINGS HEARTDROPS WORK FASTER. Because, unlike a pill – the ingredients of which enter the cardiovascular system via the stomach – Wings is a tincture that enters the bloodstream directly and begins its work almost instantaneously, accelerated by the addition of ginger and cayenne.

WINGS IS LIVER FRIENDLY. Because Wings uses only organic ingredients the liver can recognize and process all waste elements healthily. There is none of the risk of liver damage that is present in root crops and herbs from ‘Agro-Biz’ and Third-World sources, or from allopathic pharmaceuticals.


WINGS OFFERS 20% MORE VOLUME/MORE VALUE. No other product of this nature is packaged in 60ml and 120ml bottles. (The industry ‘norm’ is 50ml and 100 ml)

WINGS HEARTDROPS ARE DESPARATELY NEEDED IN A RAPIDLY GROWING MARKET. It’s a sad fact of life that heart disease has now become the world’s No.1 killer – in the US someone dies of a heart attack every 33 seconds! – and for every person that dies there are dozens who are invalided or debilitated by strokes and heart damage. The potential that Wings has for helping to prevent such unnecessary suffering is unparalleled.

Suggested Use: Put 15-20 drops under the tongue three times daily on an empty stomach. Hold for 60 seconds and swallow. Use full strength.

The special blend of herbs that includes Garlic, Hawthorn, Bilberry, Ginger and Cayenne will promote the cleansing, strengthening and rebuilding of the cardiovascular system. It will help to improve circulation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure while strengthening the heart muscle and arterial walls. Use for one year followed by a regular maintenance program.

Notes on Use:

Heartburn or Cayenne Sensitivity:

The menstruum ( pulp residue ) visible in many inferior heart tinctures is not present in Wings Heartdrops. This residue is a largely worthless ”bottle-filler composed mostly of depleted cellulose from the garlic and can cause heartburn since it cannot enter the bloodstream and passes into the stomach after being swallowed.

The addition of gingerol to the Wings formula also aids in reducing or eliminating the possibility of heartburn, so that this is unlikely to be a problem except for a very small minority of people.

If you experience heartburn after taking Wings or are sensitive to the heat of cayenne – start with only 2 drops a day and slowly build up your dosage. Keep the drops under your tongue until they are completely absorbed and you will slowly build up your level of sensitivity. Adding the drops to water greatly reduces effectiveness and is not encouraged except in the direst circumstances. It would be preferential to allow a slight build-up of saliva prior to placing the drops under the tongue.


If you are taking Wings Heartdrops for the first time you may experience detoxification symptoms. These are not uncommon where heart disease is already present in some degree and are a sign of internal cleansing. As your body begins throwing off toxins you may experience temporary skin irritation in the form of mild itchiness or even a rash. You may in addition experience headache, diarrhea, dizziness or nausea.

If these symptoms become uncomfortable, do not stop the treatment completely. Simply reduce dosage until the detoxifying period is past and then resume normal dosage. Once the cleansing symptoms have passed, (usually in the first three to four days) they will be replaced with a general feeling of well-being and increased energy.


If you have existing arterial blockage you may find that your cholesterol level rises during the cleansing period. This period varies greatly from person to person depending upon the severity of the problem. Don”t be concerned. This increase is due to the dissolving of plaque from the artery walls that then passes into the bloodstream for filtering and natural elimination. These higher levels of cholesterol are temporary and will self correct once the cleansing period is complete.

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