The History of Women’s Cricket

Cricket is the additional a lot of accepted action played in the world! It has common acceptance and is bound growing in the United States bazaar as well. Candid is aswell a accepted action with the changeable population, both as a amateur and a spectator. I would like to altercate the history of women arena cricket.

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in history. In fact, there is a address of a women’s bout played as aboriginal as 1745 in England. There is not abundant advice of women’s candid appear from 1745 until 1887 if the aboriginal women’s candid club was formed in Yorkshire, England. This club was alleged the White Heather Club. Anon thereafter, in 1894, a women’s club was formed in Australia, South Africa and Canada.

From 1926 until 1998 the administering physique of women’s candid was the Women’s Candid Association, aswell alleged The Association. They absolute candid a part of women in England, Scotland and Wales. Their capital ambition was to animate added women’s candid clubs and animate women to play afterwards they larboard school. In 1998 the England and Wales Candid lath took over and are currently the administering physique for candid in those areas.

In December 1934 the aboriginal all-embracing women’s analysis candid bout was played amid England and Australia. In 1958, the IWCC (International Women’s Candid Council was formed to absorb all women’s aggregation from about the world. In 2005, IWCC alloyed with the ICC (International Candid Council) so that the ICC now the administering physique of candid for women, men and youth.

There is a Women’s Apple Cup. This started in 1973, interestingly two years afore the aboriginal Men’s Apple Cup. Fifteen countries/teams accept played in the Women’s Apple Cup appropriately far and there accept been eight absolute back 1973. Amoung them are; England, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago. The United States has yet to play in the Women’s Candid Apple Cup.

Today, candid is actual accepted a part of women in England. England and Australia accept the arch teams. There is an accomplishment to accomplish candid a added accepted action for American women but allotment and added metrics accept fabricated it harder to move advanced with teams. Hopefully, as candid acquaintance grows in the US, due to the able adolescence accomplishment and amount of immigrants who now abide in the United States this will anon change.

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