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Most teenagers suffer from acne and oily skin, but a lot of people continue to have very oily skin even after they become adults. Because of this, they continue to have acne flare ups, even into their thirties and forties. This article will discuss the various natural treatments available for acne and oily skin, and some of the causes of oily skin.

Fortunately, people who have oily skin tend to keep their young appearance much longer than those with dry or normal skin. The oil can be unsightly and annoying, however, so most of us try dealing with it by stripping it away.

Many people don”t realize, though, that the products we use to strip the oil from our faces, actually make the problems worse. When we use harsh chemical cleansers and detergent based soaps to strip away the oil, our bodies respond by creating more oil, because it thinks the skin is too dry.

Using detergent based soaps and harsh chemical cleansers will simply leave your skin dry, irritated, red, and sometimes even make you break out in a rash. When your body works harder to replace those oils, you may find yourself with even more problems than before.

An oily face is more prone to acne breakouts, because the oils trap toxins, dirt and debris in our pores, and this promotes the breeding of bacteria, which in turn, creates infections. So cleaning your face is essential to help keep oil levels under control, and to keep bacteria and acne at bay.

Many people with sensitive skin have found that the only thing they”re able to use without causing other problems, is simple water. Rinsing your face with water several times a day helps to rinse away the dirt and bacteria, plus it washes away some of the oil without going overboard.

There are other, natural, more gentle products that can also be used to help control oily skin in, and prevent acne flare ups. One of the best products is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera will help cleanse the pores, while also clearing away dead skin cells. The easiest way to use Aloe Vera for skin problems, is to simply rub it on your face, let it dry, and leave it there all day for protection.

Keep in mind, though, that you should be using all natural Aloe Vera for this. If you purchase an Aloe Vera ointment from the pharmacy area of your local store, it most likely contains alcohol, perfumes, and other chemicals which will only serve to irritate your skin further.

Citrus is another excellent, all natural product used for treating oily skin. You can simply rinse your face with lemon juice, for instance, to help start clearing up acne, clean your pores, and exfoliate as well.

Certain herbal teas are good choices also. Chickweed is one of the best for chronic skin problems, as it helps to soothe and heal at the same time. Mix it into tea form then rinse your face with it once or twice each day.

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