Health Coverage Insurance

health coverage insurance

Medical Sociology Class?

Hello, I need some assistance. I’m having trouble finding a topic for my Medical Sociology class. Everyone in my class are pretty much doing their topics on health coverage/insurance and I don’t want to be like everyone else.

I was thinking of some topic related to pre-hospital care (EMS) because I just completed my EMT training and I find it interesting. I just can’t think of a good topic in that particular area.

Can you please help me out? I’m stumped.

911 and ambulance abuse. There are some pretty good sources out there and it’s a recent topic. I did a paper on it a few semesters ago. The big theme I found, that makes a lot of sense, is years ago they persuded people to “call 911″ in an emergency. With 911 having been drilled into peoples heads for so many years, people call that when they don’t know what to do. They’ll call for an ambulance (by calling 911) to take them to the hospital because they received a call from the ED and their lab results are back. They request transport with no complaints, and they are transported. The fear now is that if we try to hinder people from calling 911 or being transported, it will deter them from calling when there is an actual emergency.

It’s a good topic, and every day I see more and more articles about it. If you choose that and want some sources I’ve used or come across, feel free to email me! If you don’t use the topic, I’m not offended at all.

Angle Openly Mocked Health Coverage For “Autism”

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