What To Expect When Having Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

What To Expect When Having Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

A Yeast Infection, also known as Candida or thrush, usually starts during the teenage years.

An overgrowth in Candida is most likely to appear in the vaginal area and/or urinary tract, as these parts possess the preferred surroundings for yeast to thrive.
And if you become pregnant you can expect to become afflicted with at least one Yeast Infection during the pregnancy.

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During pregnancy your hormone levels move around like crazy, and this makes it perfect for yeast to multiply.
Regardless of whether or not you’ve suffered from a Yeast Infection in the past, it is wise to visit your Obstetrician if you think you have a Yeast Infection.

It could be just a simple Yeast Infection, or something else.
Also, while you are pregnant, you should always speak to your doctor before taking any medications.

Those of you who have had Yeast Infections before will know of the extreme itching that results in irritated, raw skin.

It’s also common with Yeast Infections to have a feeling of burning when urinating. But burning when urinating can also mean a possible urinary tract infection, so you’ll need to go through a urine test to look for infection.

Men & Yeast Infections

Some people have the assumption that Yeast Infections are something that only happen to females, this isn’t true, men are also at risk to such infections.

It is also important to realize that while antibiotics are a useful tool to curing an infection, it can also lower your immune system, eliminating the good bacteria with the bad, and letting Candida to thrive.

This is almost as if a cruel joke is played by the human body

Yeast infections aren’t an issue unique to females, and most women are surprised to learn this as most people are only aware of vaginal yeast infections.

It is very important to always keep your Obstetrician informed of any medications or over-the-counter creams you are using during pregnancy.

There are medications in pill form that are taken by mouth, but these kinds of medications aren’t advised while pregnant.

You must consider the health and wellbeing of your baby during pregnancy, especially when suffering from a Yeast Infection. Therefore, your doctor will prescribe a vaginal cream, that is known to be safe for your baby.

Using proper wiping methods can help you to avoid Yeast Infections later on, always wipe yourself from the front to the back to protect yourself from future infection.

Knowing Your Symptoms

If you’re sure that you have a Yeast Infection, regardless of whether you’re pregnant, you can treat it with an over-the-counter cream.

You don’t have to have any specially prescribed medication to cure this very well known ailment.

If mild to moderate itching is one of your symptoms, a topical vaginal cream that contains zinc should help to alleviate the irritation and heal the inflamed skin.

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