How to Make Better Health Choices

How to Make Better Health Choices
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It amazes me that people don’t get it. Why aren’t we making better health choices? I mean here we are in 2013 with an epidemic of obesity, cancer and many other degenerative diseases. You would think that people would be interested enough in their own health to find out why this is so. But most people just go along with their lives, ignoring their health until something goes wrong with their bodies. Then they turn to their doctors to instantly fix what may have taken years to develop. Doctors are losing this battle. People need to make better health choices and I suspect they don’t know how.

The science is clear on the subject. We have known for a long time now how to proactively protect our bodies from the ravages of time and daily immersion in our toxic environment. We have all heard about how oxidative stress is impacting our health and how eating correctly and supplementing with quality anti-oxidants can minimize our occurrences of degenerative diseases.

The question is who can you believe and who can you trust? Do you believe the answer lies in big pharma with a drug for every malady, along with a list of horrific side effects, or do you believe you can stay ahead of the game with simple common sense and good nutrition?

If you are serious about your health it is time to start researching the possibilities that currently exist. This blog introduces you to emerging studies and nutritional science. Anybody interested in taking charge of your own health?

You can start today , here is one of the latest studies about how you might control your blood pressure.

Decrease in blood pressure with supplemental vitamin C

I’m 65 and do not need to take blood pressure medicine. How can this be? Exercise and good nutrition play a huge roll in your body’s ability to function properly.