Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery to trim cartilage within the knee is a worthless procedure. I have seen many sufferers who’ve had cartilage eliminated by surgeons for a mean charge of $5000 after which they will need to have a knee alternative several years later. The surgeon should know about the hurt he is doing as a result of he has to see the identical sufferers for followup once they require knee substitute surgery.

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine (July eleven, 2002) shows that knee surgery to take away cartilage is worse than doing nothing. The headline from Baylor Medical School, where the landmark study was performed, is that “Examine Finds Widespread Knee Surgery No Better Than Placebo.” Sufferers with osteoarthritis of the knee who underwent placebo arthroscopic surgery had been simply as more likely to report ache aid as those that obtained the actual procedure. The researchers say their results challenge the usefulness of some of the frequent surgical procedures carried out for osteoarthritis of the knee. Lead investigator Dr. Elda P. Manner states, “The truth that the effectiveness of arthroscopic lavage or debridement in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee isn’t any better than that of placebo surgical procedure makes us query whether the one billion plus [dollars] spent on these procedures might not be put to better use.

In the examine, a hundred and eighty patients with knee ache had been randomized into three groups. One group obtained debridement, in which worn, torn, or loose cartilage is cut away and removed with the help of a pencil-thin viewing tube called an arthroscope. The second group underwent arthroscopic lavage, through which loose cartilage is flushed out. The third group underwent simulated arthroscopic surgery; small incisions had been made, however no devices had been inserted and no cartilage removed. The people who did not have surgery on their cartilage did better than the people who had a few of their cartilage removed.

In the United States, greater than 650,000 arthroscopic procedures are performed each year, at a value of about $5,000 each.

The knee is simply [two] sticks held collectively by four bands known as ligaments. Bones are soft, so the ends of bones are coated with a tough gristle referred to as cartilage. Cartilage serves as a padding to protect the ends of bones. Once cartilage is broken, it might probably never heal. And when you break a small quantity of cartilage in your knee, your knee cartilage can never match collectively properly, and every time you put force on the knee, you break off extra cartilage.

When surgeons remove cartilage, they leave much less cartilage than the individual had before the surgery. Eventually the knee joint runs out of cartilage and when bone rubs on bone, it hurts all the time and a peson should have a knee substitute just to be able to sleep at night. Surgical procedure to remove cartilage just hastens knee replacement. Alternatively, doctors can replace torn ligaments, which stabilizes the knee joint. They will additionally remove a unfastened piece of cartilage that’s blocking the motion of the joint. People with unfastened cartilage have sudden locking of the knee when they stroll or the can’t totally straighten or bend their knees.

As a result of this study and my own impression from treating hundreds of damaged knees, I recommend that you do not get knee surgical procedure except you have got a torn ligament that needs to be repaired or you have got sudden locking of the knee throughout walking or you cannot fully straighten or bend you knee. Otherwise surgical procedure is prone to hasten your want for another major surgical procedure, knee replacement.

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