Colon Cleanse to Lose Weight

Colon Cleanse to Lose Weight

If you are looking to lose weight then you probably heard about a colon cleansing to loose some weight and belly volume fast. Well there are many myths around the colon cleanse and other tips to lose weight. Even if you look through all the hype colon cleansing is good for your health and for your weight loss.

Many people don’t look for weight loss tips, they go right into searching for weight loss pills and other products like the colon cleansers – these products help but they are not a magic pill. You still need to do exercise and eat healthy. My trainer told me from day one that the best formula to lose weight is the following: eat right, exercise and use a few supplements.

If you are committed to do your personal transformation and lose those 10, 20, or 30 pounds you will need commitment and a few hundred dollars in supplements and weight loss products will definitely help you along the way.

The colon cleanser adds you see on tv and the Internet say that you will lose a lot o belly and lose weight and fat but that is not so true, a colon cleanser can’t guarantee you weight loss on its own. It can however be a great part of your weight loss journey. I recommend these kinds of products when you start your diet, you clean your system, feel better and get a “clean start”.

A colon cleanser helps you to detoxify your body. It is made to clean your bowels and helps you eliminate all the toxins and waste that is trapped in your colon and intestines. Manny people don’t know it but there are many foods that get stuck to the walls of your colon and intestines and stay there for months and months. Some high fibrous vegetables like paprika can stay up to 8 months in your intestines. On average people have 4 to 8 pounds of waste in their intestines and colon, this has to go out!

One of the best tips to lose weight I can give you is to detoxify your body every few months, it helps your weight and your health.

Colon cleansers come in pills or in liquid form. They require you to follow some rules that are on the label, you should not eat for one or two days, drink a lot of water, eat only vegetables or fruits, etc. Tough up and follow the damn rules, don’t be a pussy by saying you “need” some coke or a burger. Sugar an fat are you enemies right now. Get in that mind set or you will be fat forever. Colon cleansing can give you a great boost when you want to loose some weight and loose some volume in your belly!

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